It was a sabbatical around the world that changed everything. Throughout the journey, I stumbled upon many who took in a stranger as family and was captivated by the rich similarities and differences that we share as people. At the same time, I realized how impactful the intersection of community, technology, and storytelling could be in driving change. I'm extremely grateful.

A bit about me...well I get excited about cultural exchange, nature, creativity, psychology, typography, education, basketball, photography...let's just say the list is long. I'm constantly trying to connect the dots between things and people to paint a story of a better future. 

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what i'm doing now

doing : documenting family stories and tiny habits

learning : psychology tricks, Spanish on YouTube (also need to brush up on Mandarin!)

watching Lion and Cuba and the Cameraman

reading : To Pixar and Beyond (Lawrence Levy)

(Updated : 12/10/2017)

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