What's your favorite type of movie?

If you were a may remember the story of Arthur and William

If you were a may remember the story of Arthur and William


"What your favorite type of movie?" asked a Senior Vice President at Universal Studios.


Sitting across the table was an interviewee dressed in black who had prepared for what seemed like hours of rehearsed scripts of behavioral questions and answers. Of course, he would ask me what type of movies I liked...I was interviewing for Universal...


"I love documentary films because I love understanding what it means to be human in this world. The struggles. The challenges. The victories. Stories from around the world."


One of my favorite films of all time is Hoop Dreams, one I doubt many would be able to relate to. It's a documentary film about two African-American teenagers from inner-city Chicago with dreams of making it to the NBA. Not only does the film touch on a variety of issues that are still prevalent today such as race, social class, education, and economic values, but it also touched on chasing a dream.


"What do you want to be when you grow up?"


I wanted to fly like Mike, and documentaries like Hoop Dreams transported me into an imaginary world...and I didn't want to return. An escape from reality. Inspiration. A palpable connection that I was that inner-city Chicago kid chasing the NBA dream. I've always had an imaginative mind that has tried to find a way out in the world, and documentaries were a bridge to get there.