modern romance

By 2050, 80% of marriages will come from online dating


Did I scare you?

Well, I just made up a catchy title, but it could very well be the truth in 30 years. Today, 1/3rd of all marriages come from online dating...who's to say it won't be 80% by 2050?

If you haven't read Aziz Ansari's Modern Romance, I suggest you don't. It may very well scare you find that we are all turning into robots programmed to swipe left and right. But it does provide some interesting insights into modern day dating told by a comedian and backed up with research from a real sociologist. 

Why do millennials never answer their phones?

"Phones calls suck and they give me anxiety."

And sadly, that has become truer and truer over the years. Weakass millennials.

And the biggest problem of all may be analysis paralysis. Back in the day, you most likely married your neighbor even she wasn't a perfect 10. You simply had no choice. But now? Too many goddamn millennials think they're God and have the hope to conjure up the next goddess with a swipe of their thumb. And then you end up texting with ten people and sadly end up with 0. 

Modern day dating =)