On eating healthy...

Feeeeeeed Meeeeee

Feeeeeeed Meeeeee

Trying to eat healthy...oh I'd rather try Mt. Everest.

Speaking of New Year resolutions and breakthroughs, I am still waiting for that one pill where we can swallow to be able to snack on endless In-N-Out animal fries while still maintaining that 8-pack. I guess science hasn't caught up with technology yet.

But looking back to the times when I ate healthily, slept dreamily, and exercised vigorously...I' felt like Superman.

Current state:

Exercising vigorously? Check

Sleeping dreamily? Half-check

Eating healthily? 1/3rds-check

2018 is off to a fantastic start!

New Year's Resolutions


...they never work.

However, as we gathered around the hot pot table last night with a mouthful of enoki mushrooms and Chinese cabbage, we pondered at yet another year that was and looked ahead towards 2018. 

And while the highlights of the night were spent scrolling through our friend's Coffee Meets Bagel profile, it was fun (and a bit scary) to think about how we'd like to spend the next decade of our lives.

While nothing is for certain, health is an area that will become even more important for our physical and mental health. I had a mentor who once told me when I was 26 that while I was my superhuman Asian metabolism would start showing its sign of wear and tear when the clock hit 28. And he was right.

While I could rattle off numerous goals that may or may not be fulfilled, what's most important is a continuous effort to maintain the relationships that matter. Because at the end of it all, it's the thing that matters the most.

And then the clock hit 2:00 am, and we were finally back in San Francisco—3 hours past my bed time. I can't do this anymore...