The Big Story of Where Your Family Came From

Revisiting the village of our ancestors in China

Revisiting the village of our ancestors in China

"I'd like a full order please." - Restaurant Customer

(15 minutes later)

"Sir, here are your four orders." - Mom

This was a story my mom told me when she was a freshly minted immigrant in the US working in a Chinese restaurant in the 80s. Mom had no formal education let alone any English language skills at the time. The customer had ordered a "full order," which she mistook for "four orders." 

She laughs it off now because the restaurant owners (luckily) were nice and could empathize. But It was tough. As much as I can try to empathize, I simply cannot imagine myself moving halfway around the world to a foreign land with literally a suitcase, an address, a few hundred dollars of life savings between 3 people, and no education. 

Growing up, stories of hardships were lectured around the dinner table to motivate my sister and me to study and work harder. That work ethic was ingrained in our minds, but the stories haven't resonated with me until now...

You don't realize how fast time passes until you look your parents in the eye one day and wonder...

"Where in the world did these wrinkles and patches of white hair come from?"

I've always been intrigued by stories, and there is no story more important than the one about you, your family, and where you came from.