Why I take the bus


I had a conversation with a friend not too long ago, one that has come up numerous times with multiple people, about taking the bus. I guess taking the bus isn't as common as I once thought? Well, it's no surprise after a quick glance out onto the busy streets of San Francisco and every other passing car is either an Uber or Lyft. But it occurred to me that I had become my very own hypocrite...I had locked myself in a car for hours a day for 9 years in LA. 

Sure, you could save time by Ubering, but taking the bus isn't about time saved. For me, it was a tradition that started when I was 6 years old. When my sister and I used to take the #1 California from Chinatown down to the Embarcadero for $0.25 to pick up my mom from work every Sunday at 5pm. And from that point on, the city of San Francisco was painted onto my mind's canvas by foot and by bus.

You see everything by taking the bus. And everything becomes nothing. Crazy people. Drunkards. Fights. When you grow up taking the bus, the 135th fight that breaks out on the bus just becomes the norm (the City is no longer like this though).

If you want to get a world-class education, take the bus. If you want to understand a city, take the bus. And if you want to see the soul of a city, take the bus.