Why we need intuition more than ever

Innsæi — Icelandic for Intuition

Innsæi — Icelandic for Intuition

Intuition has been a big buzzword for me in 2017. From my Myers-Briggs assessment to a societal battle with information overload, how do we balance our lives in the age of digital? It came up again as Netflix recommended me to watch Innsæi (how ironic it is that a Netflix algorithm seems to have replaced my intuitive decision making), a documentary focused on the art of connecting in a world clouded in distraction, stress, and disconnection.

“Innsæi” is the ancient Icelandic word for intuition, and the film pinpoints how distracted we now are with limitless information. To the point where we've lost touch with our human intuition. But what makes intuition important?


In the documentary, Marina Abramović is showcased for her 3-month performance of just sitting and staring in NYC's MoMa. Why? Well, the act of connecting with another human being seems to be a lost art. The act seemed to have affected many (it was like a therapy session)...when was the last time you had someone stare into your eyes and connect on a human-to-human level?


"My intuition made me work...For it is intuition that improves the world, not just following the trodden path of thought." - Albert Einstein


In an age where data and logic play a central role on the grand stage, what kind of role does intuition play? Can we rely solely on data? Well if you think about it, intuition is the awareness that combines both qualitative and quantitative data and gets stronger with the more experiences you obtain. You need data points to connect the dots. And that gut feeling? Intuition is the sister of the gut feeling. It's the bridge between the dots and helps you make a more thoughtful decision.

So why do we need intuition? Well, it's how we've come to survive the past million years, and it'll help us survive the next million.